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The ceramic rod is a great tool to help keep your knives sharp.
The rod is made of alumino-ceramic, a material that is far superior in hardness to any steel. Therefore, it will not be difficult to prove how from Damascus, damask steel, powdered steel or modern stainless steel to razor sharpness. No matter if your knife is blunt: a kitchen knife, a tourist knife, an old hunting knife, or a modern combat one, this ceramic rod will handle any of them.
Regularly sharpens knives with a ceramic rod and you will forget what a dull knife is.

Recommendations for use:
The grit of the rod is quite fine, so if the knife is very dull or there are large replacements or nicks on the cutting edge, it is better to start with a coarser abrasive, as this will significantly speed up the sharpening process.
Try to maintain the sharpening angle to which your knife is sharpened.
When sharpening, do not press hard on the blade, this will not speed up the process.
If you are just starting to learn how to edit and sharpen knives - DO NOT HURRY. It is better to do everything slowly, but as it should.
Alumino-ceramic material is hard, but rather brittle, so be careful not to drop it, do not place or place heavy objects on it.
After use, wash the remaining metal from the rod under running water with a washcloth and your favorite dish detergent.


Country of origin
Fine (800) grit
Alumina ceramics
Rod length
Rod diameter
Ceramic rod
50 g.
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