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Combined slurik Suehiro series SKG 1000/3000 grit has overall dimensions of 60x28x23 mm, a layer thickness of 1000 grit is 16mm and a layer thickness of 3000 grit is 12mm. Slurik is very handy for a whole range of applications. For example, use as a pocket, marching grinding stone. It can also be used to induce slurry on SKG stones or other similar grit stones. Also the 1000 grit side as it is fairly soft in bond and unimpregnated - has a very high cleaning power and can be recommended as a dressing stone for fine grinding stones. The Japanese water combined stone from Suehiro with a grain size of 1000/3000 is one of the most popular stones not only given by the manufacturer, but it can also be said that in general the most used Japanese water stone in everyday life. This is due to the combination of many factors successfully combined in this stone. Relatively low price, while the quality of the stone often surpasses expensive counterparts (the 3000 grit side shows itself especially well). Well-chosen grit of different sides of the stone (1000 grit is a stone for the main sharpening stage, and 3000 grit is, in fact, finishing, optimal for finishing, for example, kitchen workers). The stone is made of very high quality, it is pleasant to hold it in hands, it has an excellent tactile response in work. Due to its soft bond and high rate of grain renewal on the working surface, the stone is slightly salted and works exceptionally fast - it shows a very high metal removal rate. Moreover, the same soft bond and high abrasive ability allow this stone to work with a very wide range of steels in terms of hardness and composition. All these features of the Suehiro SKG-24 1000/3000 combined stone made it an indispensable everyday helper in everyday life and, first of all, in the kitchen. This stone is not one of those that lie on the shelf and get it every six months - it is intended for everyday use - a bar that is always at hand and which will help you quickly and easily restore the cutting properties of your favorite knife. Combined Suehiro stones with a grain size of 1000/3000 are water stones and before any use, whether it is sharpening a knife or leveling the geometry of a bar, the stone must be soaked for 2-10 minutes, but not left in water for a long time to avoid its destruction. Country of origin Japan Producer Suehiro Material Aluminum oxide Type of delivery without pressure and without stand Recommended coolant clean, cold water

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