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Suehiro Co., Ltd is one of the most successful and dynamic sharpening stone manufacturers in Japan. Despite the fact that its products are firmly held in the middle price range in the abrasive market, these stones are preferred by most professionals as their main working sharpening stones due to the excellent price / quality ratio of these products. Suehiro CERAX 1010 stones have a working surface size of 205x73 mm and are slightly thicker than those of finishing stones - 29 mm. Suehiro CERAX 1000 grit stones are water-based, only clean cold water can be used as a coolant. The stones are glued to a stand-holder with rubber feet that have a very good grip even on a wet, flat surface, which prevents the structure from slipping during sharpening. The kit, along with the sharpening stone, includes a small cleaning stone measuring 72x18x10 mm. It is used to clean the working surface of the stone from clogging and leveling minor deviations in the geometry of the bar. Nagura is made of a different material than stone, it contains additives from metal oxides to improve cleaning properties and confidently remove metal chips from the inter-abrasive space on the working surface. Thanks to this, with the help of a cleaning stone, you can effectively remove grease, remove shallow scratches and even slightly trim the sharpening stone itself. A bunch of Suehiro CERAX 1000 grit stones is quite soft, but nevertheless, the bar holds the geometry well and is slightly salted. Suehiro CERAX 1000 grit stones can be leveled in any convenient and affordable way (on glass with silicon carbide powder, on slabs of various materials, using special leveling stones). However, since Suehiro CERAX 1000 grit stones have a fairly soft bond and fine grain, the most acceptable method of smoothing the surface of the stone seems to be smoothing on glass with water on the stone's own slurry. Before any use of the stone, including leveling, it should be soaked for 10-15 minutes in clean, cold water. Stones CERAX 1010 Medium Whetstone grit 1000 (WA) - ideal for both professionals and home users who want to achieve a higher quality sharpening.


Country of origin
Suehiro Co., Ltd
1000 grit
Grain Grading in Series
320, 700, 1000, 5000, 6000, 8000grit
Stone size
Type of stone
full size
Abrasive material
aluminium oxide
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