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Gokumyo stones - 20,000 grit (0.5 microns). In the Gokumyo series, a complete optimization of all stone parameters has been carried out to obtain the best results of ultra-fine finishing. The abrasive ability of the stone is reduced to a minimum (although the stone will remove the metal, as evidenced by the active blackening of the working off of the bar), the hardness of the bond has been brought almost to the level of alumino-ceramics. The composition of the bars of the Gokumyo series introduced many components that improve the cleanliness of the treated metal surface, including natural alumina and polishing elements. The response of the Gokumyo honing stones during operation is more like contact with hard plastic than with stone. However, the result obtained makes this series of stones the absolute leader in the field of ultra-fine finishing of cutting tools, especially when working with straight razors.

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