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Grinding Japanese stone Suehiro New Cerax 1000, 206x73x23mm (CR-1000-B)

Stones of the SUEHIRO NEW CERAX series belong to sharpening stones of the middle price category and are recommended for use by both professional sharpening professionals and beginner sharpening enthusiasts. But this does not diminish the merits of this unique series. On the contrary, SUEHIRO NEW CERAX stones are so easy to use and unpretentious in maintenance that they immediately gained both the well-deserved love of beginner practitioners and the interest of professionals.

Another interesting feature of the SUEHIRO NEW CERAX series is that these stones are equally capable of working on most steels that can be encountered in the knife industry - including chromium-containing (stainless), high-alloy (quick cut), carbon steels, as well as powdered steels.

Stones of the SUEHIRO NEW CERAX series, as uniquely water, require soaking before use and do not work with oil coolants (or rather, with nothing but pure cold water). The high grain density (the abrasive used in the SUEHIRO NEW CERAX series - aluminum oxide) in the stone creates a completely unique tactile response when sharpening, combining the feel of working on a relatively hard stone with the high metal removal rate inherent in soft bonds.

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