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Japanese whetstone Suehiro W-8-DN 8000 grit on blank 150x22x5

A whetstone manufactured by Suehiro Corporation called W-8 (Super Fine Finishing Whetstone W-8) is categorized by the manufacturer as Whetstones for Professional Use. And this is no coincidence, W-8 deservedly stands out among the huge variety of varieties of stones from Suehiro. This stone very quickly won the recognition of professionals and is in constant demand and popularity among them.
Overall dimensions of Suehiro W-8 full-sized finishing water stone - 206×73×23mm. Color - white (snow-white). Grain size in the JIS system - 8000 (average abrasive grain size in sieving - 1.2 microns). The bond is quite soft, but due to the small grain size of the abrasive, the bar is weakly produced even with intensive sharpening. The abrasive of the stone is white electrocorundum (this is indicated by the abbreviation W in the name of the stone). The bar is not impregnated, therefore, before any use (whether it be sharpening or leveling), it requires a short soak in water. Suehiro W-8 stone equally effectively processes both mild stainless steels and very hard carbon and high alloy steels.
The components of the Suehiro W-8 stone bond include many auxiliary elements, such as, for example, surfactants that act on metal oxide and significantly speed up sharpening. When sharpening rusting steels, metal oxidation with rust release is much more intense than when sharpening on other stones, which indicates a relatively higher concentration of surfactants in the stone bond. Suehiro W-8 also contains a large amount of adhesive type polishing components, as evidenced by the characteristic tactile response of the stone and the surface of the blade being sharpened, similar to the response of a cleanly washed wet glass surface.
Despite the open structure of the stone (the inter-abrasive space is not filled with impregnation), the working surface of the stone is absolutely not clogged due to the presence of special components in the composition of the bar that adhere to the sludge. Metal shavings from the blade, which remain during sharpening on the working surface of the stone in large quantities, are easily washed off simply under running water, even without the need to wipe it off with your fingers.
The Suehiro W-8 stone, made of silicon carbide, has a green silicon carbide counterpart, the Suehiro G-8 stone. They are very close in characteristics, you can choose one or the other either based on the restrictions imposed on the use of one or another type of abrasive when sharpening, or based on personal preferences.

Country of originJapan
ManufacturerSuehiro Co., Ltd
SeriesSuehiro W8
Grit 8000 grit
MaterialAluminum oxide
Recommended coolantsClean, cold water

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