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The name Sucupira wood species (Bowdichia nitida), native to Brazil, Peru and Suriname, is a complex name applied to many species that are similar in appearance and properties (for example, the species Diplotropis martiusii and Diplotropis purpurea).
Colour: The color of Sucupira wood is dark brown to reddish brown, with light yellow streaks, especially visible on radial cuts. The sapwood is narrow, whitish, clearly visible. The texture is large. The fibers are wavy-gray and disordered, reminiscent of the structure of the well-known Wenge wood. Dry density about 990 kg/m3. Sucupira wood is hard, heavy, tough and durable. Has the 3rd class of biostability - application in the open air is possible.
Sucupira wood is moderately difficult to process. It is easy to saw, but planing is somewhat difficult. Good for turning. Holds screws firmly. Easily connected with glue. Satisfactorily perceives waxing and is well polished.
Recommended for use in everyday products, furniture, joinery, especially those requiring resistance to moisture. Ideal for making knife handles and hand tools.

Breed name - Sucupira
Botan. / Latin. name - Bowdichia nitida
Growing region - Brazil, Peru, Suriname
Its dry density is about 990 kg/m³
Polishing / sanding - excellent
Adhesion - excellent


Breed name
Botan. / Latin. title
Bowdichia nitida
Growing region
Brazil, Peru, Suriname
Its dry density
about 990 kg/m3
Susceptibility to dyes
The size
125х55х30 mm
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