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3VTM's ARKANSA'S abrasives oil slurry is designed for sharpening and finishing cutting tools made of high hardness steel.

ARKANSA'S abrasives oil suspensions based on ceramocorundum from 3VTM are modern complex abrasive suspensions based on stabilized oils of natural origin, micropowders of aluminum oxide and silicon dioxide for sharpening and finishing hard steels on lapping surfaces. Working with such an abrasive gives a much cleaner surface and allows, while maintaining the structural matrix of the metal, to process harder workpieces than with finishing stones of the same grain size. ARKANSA'S abrasives 3VTM slurries can be used on all lapping surfaces, especially effective on wood lappings such as balsa wood. Suspensions of ARKANSA'S abrasives 3VTM are applied to the working surface of the lap in a thin layer, sharpening is carried out with movements “from the grain”. The grit range of ARKANSA'S abrasives 3VTM suspensions covers the sharpening and finishing sectors with a ruler in F400, F800 and F1200 grits according to FEPA. Since ARKANSA’S abrasives 3VTM oil suspension uses conglomerated grains on a complex binder, the surface finish during processing depends not only on the abrasive fraction, but also on the duration of processing of the workpiece - the longer, the higher the class of processing cleanliness can be achieved.

Before use, the suspension must be shaken to obtain a uniform distribution of the suspension throughout the volume.

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