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Suspension water polishing HLAD's. The basis of HLAD's suspension is a micropowder of natural Arkansas stone novoculite - a natural polishing abrasive based on silicon dioxide for superfinishing the cutting edge of a knife, as well as fine polishing of metal surfaces. It is one of the best natural materials for ultra-clean finishing. Processing on such an abrasive gives a much cleaner surface than on finishing stones of the same grit. HLAD's abrasive slurry for sharpening water-based lapping surfaces, developed by British technologists, is a completely new word in the field of sharpening and abrasive processing. HLAD'Stone slurries can be used on all lapping surfaces, and are particularly effective on wood laps such as balsa. HLAD'Stone suspensions are applied to the working surface of the lap in a thin layer, then it is necessary to allow it to dry a little. Sharpening is carried out by movements “from the grain.” The production of synthetic abrasives for fine finishing sharpening operations is associated with a number of objective difficulties. They are associated with many factors that arise when working with fine-grained abrasives. For example, one of them is the effect of the bar bond on the sharpening process - with a grain size of less than 3 microns, conventional bonds can have an effect on the workpiece material comparable to the effect of the abrasive itself. Therefore, it is necessary to add various components to the bundle of high grit bars, leveling this effect, which significantly affects the cost of the product and the quality of processing. Sharpening on a free abrasive, when an abrasive suspension is applied to the working surface of a lap - cast iron, brass, glass, composite, wood, etc. - devoid of such shortcomings. The HLAD's suspension contains many different additives that make up a significant part of its volume. These additives include: - surfactants that have a chemical effect on the metal oxides of the workpiece being processed; - coagulating additives that prevent the suspension of solid particles from settling; - adsorbents , which improve the adhesion of abrasive particles with various liquids that make up the suspension; - particles that collect metal chips and sludge on their surface due to the electrostatic effect and thereby enhance the cutting properties of the abrasive grain itself, etc.

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