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Introducing one of the most odious and epic grinding stones, which, in fact, needs no introduction - this is the famous Scottish slate hon - Tam O'Shanter. It is named so because of its characteristic spotted structure in honor of the Scottish beret of the same name, which also has a bright spotted color.

Like other Tam-o-shenter slates, it has a dense structure, the main recommendation is to use water as a coolant, but it can also work with oil. With water, it has a very high metal removal rate, leaving a rather noticeable microsaw on the blade, which implements a characteristic aggressive cut. When using water, it actively gives a saturated suspension, which is desirable to dilute periodically, not allowing to dry out. Despite the density of the suspension, the tactile response of the stone is very informative, the plane of approach and the tenacity of the abrasive are well felt, it is felt how the stone is actively removing metal. With Tam O'Shanter oil, it works much thinner, leaving a very shallow and neat streak. The dispersion in the abrasive ability of this stone is positioned as 4000-8000 Japanese grits (in the JIS system), when compared with the work of synthetics. Due to the low absorbency of the stone, it is still best to use either oil or water. Unlike most natural stones, Tam O'Shanter shows excellent results when working with very hard carbons, as well as with powdered steels. The purpose of the Tam-o-shenter hone is stated directly on the standard label for these stones: "For razors, scalpels or very fine knives."

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