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Thermoforming foam or Maxx Form Heat Resistant Foam is a relatively new development made specifically for molding sheath shells, holsters, magazine cases, and the like. from HOLSTEX Inc. This molding foam has been developed taking into account all the features of sheet materials such as KYDEX, HOLSTEX and Boltaron. Unlike most foams used to form the profile of thermoplastic products, Maxx Form thermal foam rubber has significantly improved characteristics in terms of total operating time - it allows you to produce a much larger number of parts, respectively, reduce the cost of each of them. Maxx Form thermal foam is designed for a longer service life. In addition, Maxx Form thermal foam is chemically optimized for fast shape recovery, which minimizes the memory effect, i.e. it is possible to carry out molding one after another without the risk of getting marks on the parts from the previous molding. Maxx Form thermal foam can be used on both sides, which is also a significant advantage over other similar products. Also, Maxx Form thermal foam allows you to get more accurate detailing of molded products.

Country of origin - USA
Width - 200mm
Length - 300mm
Height - 25mm
Black color
Weight - 150 grams


Country of origin
Dimensions (edit)
150 g.
Reviews: 1
Отличный термопоролон. Форму держит не грубый. Приятно с таким работать.
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