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Titanium brand VT1-0. belongs to the class of technical grades of titanium, it is mainly used in industry for the manufacture of high-strength products with the requirements of sufficient ductility and toughness. Titanium grade VT1-0 has a high resistance to mechanical stress and low plastic deformation. It also has high resistance to brittle and fatigue failure. Those. VT1-0 titanium is a very light, but at the same time very strong material - ideal for the manufacture of elements of knife structures. Titanium grade VT1-0 contains up to 99%, in fact, titanium and 1% impurities in the form of iron, nickel, silicon, carbon, etc.
Distinctive features of this material is the possibility of applying an oxide film to the metal surface, which is transparent in itself and therefore, due to the interference of light (superposition of reflected waves from the titanium-oxide and oxide-air boundaries), it gives an amazingly beautiful surface color. The colors of this color depend on the film thickness, and the thickness depends on the anodizing time of the titanium surface.
Titanium grade VT1-0 is suitable only for handle inlay elements (bolsters, spacers, etc.), it is soft enough compared to other grades of titanium, which excludes the possibility of its use for liners of folding knives, or even more so for blades.
Titanium grade VT1-0 lends itself very well to machining - low-speed drilling, cutting, milling, grinding and polishing. However, when machining at high speeds, a heavy-duty oxide film is quickly formed on the titanium surface, which prevents cutting. Titanium should not be cut with a grinder or a high-speed cutter without forced cooling. The spark generated during high-speed processing of titanium has a very high temperature - about 3000 degrees Celsius, which is extremely fire hazardous.


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