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Sharpener type Crutch KLOD with a swivel mechanism allows you to sharpen knives on full-size stones with precise retention of the sharpening angle during operation. The novelty of this design lies in the fact that the sponge rotates freely around its axis, which allows both to process both sides of the knife approach, and to easily change the position of the knife when processing sharply curved sections of the cutting edge. Reliance on two vertical posts makes the structure more stable and comfortable to use.
The total length of the horizontal guide with a sponge is about 21cm, and the size of the sharpener is 24cm. These dimensions also improve comfort compared to the smaller counterparts of the Crutches. The sponge is made of duralumin and its size is 100x35x20mm. The sponge is equipped with one clamping screw and a goniometer platform. The maximum size of the butt of the blade, which is clamped into the sponge - 5mm. The sponge has an underside for more reliable fixation of the blade. Weight Sharpener Crutch KLOD with a swivel mechanism - 450 grams.


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