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Whetstone Arkansas True Hard Dan's Whetstone / Arkansas True Hard (Extra Fine)

Stone True Hard Arkansas 6"x1"x1/4" (150x25x6 mm) is recommended for use both in manual grinders and for sharpening "by hand". Produced by Dan's Whetstone Company, Inc., traditionally known for the high quality of the natural material, as well as the manufacturing itself.

Very hard (true hard) - very fine grit (extra fine)

True Hard Arkansas is classified by abrasive ability as Extra Fine. This is one of the highest quality natural sharpening stones available today.

True Hard Arkansas is most commonly used for industrial applications where a very fine finish is required. True Hard Arkansas come in a variety of color shades. They have a uniform opaque and translucent structure of gray, white, yellow, brown and sometimes even pink. There may be black, red, white and gray inclusions within the same stone.

The general guidelines for working with True Hard Arkansas stone are the same as for working with other Arkansas natural stones.

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