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Sharpening stone Soft Arkansas Dans 8"х2"

One of the most renowned manufacturers of Arkansas stone sharpening whetstones in the United States, Dans Whetstone is known for its excellent workmanship of the whetstones and the excellent breed of abrasive mined in its own quarries. The ideal geometry and excellent finishing of stones from the Dans Whetstone company has long been famous both in America itself and outside the United States and has won many admirers around the world. A unique offer from Dans Whetstone - stones in the form factor for manual sharpening 8”x2”x1/2” (today there is very little rock left to sell sharpening stones in this size) are extremely interesting, first of all, for those who like to use oil coolants . In addition, an excellent cut, which is incomparable with any implementation when sharpening on synthetic and natural abrasives, as well as the extreme resistance of the cutting edge to blunting, which is obtained on knives after sharpening on Arkansas stones, makes these whetstones the most important element of any sharpening set, like amateur as well as professional. The best result when sharpening will give the use of oil coolant from Dans Whetstone as a lubricating fluid.
Professional natural stone Arkansas Soft (Medium) 600-800 grit without a blank is perfect for sharpening in Edge Pro sharpening systems, as well as for manual sharpening. Arkansas Soft bar is designed for finishing rough sharpening knives made of different steels. Works very clean. The stone is ideal for sharpening pocket, hunting, kitchen knives and tools of all sizes. to achieve greater efficiency, it is used together with a special oil.

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