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The Japanese water stone King is made by the Matsunaga company which to be in Osaka (Japan). Matsunaga is one of the oldest sharpening stone manufacturers in Japan and, in addition to the King brand, also produces stones with the name Sun Tiger. King and Sun Tiger stones are well-known in the Western market, as they have been present there for a long time, they were among the first sharpening stones exported from Japan abroad.
King stones are produced according to classical technology and occupy the niche of the most budgetary sharpening stones in Japan. Nevertheless, it is these stones that cover most of the needs of the cooking market in Japan. Attractive is the ratio of price and quality of these stones. They are relatively soft in bond and pleasant to use in terms of tactile feedback, you can see and feel how the stone cuts the surface. However, this type of soft stone needs to be leveled relatively frequently, either on special platforms or on glass using silicon carbide powder.
A 800 grit stone belongs to the main sharpening stage and performs the main amount of work on the final formation of the approach geometry and the cutting edge after the peeling stage. Before any use (sharpening or leveling), the stone must be soaked for 2-3 minutes.
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