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Arkansas is one of the most popular natural whetstones, and has recently become a household name. Not a small cost of these sharpening abrasives is determined by the fact that they are mined in only one place - in the state of Arkansas in the USA. Arkansas stones are composed of silicon dioxide, but in unlike synthetic abrasives, they do not consist of individual abrasive grains of the same size. The Arkansas quartz structure consists of intergrown crystalline grains of different sizes. Arkansas is recommended to be used with oil. Translucent - very fine grit (Ultra fine), designed for finishing sharpening.

Country of Origin USA
Producer Dan's Whetstone
Type Translucent (transparent)
The structure is very dense
Approximate grit 3000-8000 grit
Purpose for finishing sharpening
Material Novaculite
Surface size 152x25x6mm
Stone thickness 6mm
Color light gray
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