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The Hapstone T1 sharpening angle holder is a guide design for defining a clear angle between knife feeds when sharpening “on the arms” using large grinding stones.
The most common option for solving this problem is a guide, worn on the butt of a knife and setting a fixed angle, usually around 15 degrees. These guides have several disadvantages. Using them you will not be able to change the sharpening angle for different knives or to realize the microdrive. The standard guide, however carefully they did not use it, damages the surface of the grinding stone, and the stone in turn spoils the guide.
In the Hapstone T1 sharpening angle holder there is no direct contact between the structural parts of the sharpener and the grinder. The hairpin fixing the angle slides on the surface of the desktop and does not injure the whetstone. You can realize any sharpening angle for your blade from 13 to 30 degrees per side (depending on the distance from the RK from the edge of the clamping jaws). It is possible to make a micro feed or sharpening with a stepped feed.
The Hapstone T1 sharpening angle holder comes standard with two pairs of studs that define the sharpening angle — short studs for sharp corners and long rods for standard sharpening angles. Also in the delivery includes a hex key for clamping the blade and riving (setting the angle of the jaws relative to each other). The grinding angle is set separately and independently for both sides of the cart. When moving from stone to stone, the angle must be monitored and, if necessary, adjusted, using either a protractor or a marker for painting the inlet.
The Hapstone T1 sharpening angle holder can only be effectively used with well-dropped grinding stones that have clearly flat-parallel working surfaces.


Country of origin
Steel and aluminum
Grinding angle range
from 13 to 30 degrees
Dimensions (edit)
Cardboard box
Sharpener for benchstones
160 g.
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