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Sharpener Angle Guide Taidea TG1091 is an easy-to-use device designed for sharpening knives on water or oil stones at home. The holder has a convenient size. Its dimensions - 100x19 mm, allow, on the one hand, to use this device without problems with most knives used in everyday use, and on the other hand, make it possible to confidently form a given approach angle along the entire length of the cutting edge. This sharpening angle holder has been announced with an angle set when working with a blade of 15 degrees to the side. Although this parameter will depend on the width of the blade itself, since the holder essentially simply sets the height of the butt of the knife above the working surface of the stone and does not take into account its width. The sharpening angle holder is made of special plastic, which does not leave scratches on the blade, but nevertheless allows you to very firmly fix the blade in the holder using special clips. The place of contact of the sharpening angle holder with the working surface of the abrasive bar is equipped with a ceramic plate, which allows you to avoid erasing the holder material on the grinding stone. Additional Features: Country of origin China
Material - plastic, ceramics
Clamping length -90 mm
Clamping part width - 11 mm
Holder overall length - 100 mm
Holder overall width - 19 mm
The value of the specified half angle - 15 gr.
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