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Grindstone holder Naniwa IZ-1111

Stand for grinding stones NANIWA (Japan) IZ-1111 is designed for installation on a sink or any other container with liquid for wetting abrasive whetstones for sharpening. Stand NANIWA IZ-1111 is made of stainless steel, which avoids the development of corrosion on the elements of the holder when used with both plain water and liquids containing surfactants. Grinding stones with a length of 203 mm to 257 mm can be conveniently and securely fixed on the stand. At the same time, in sinks, it is possible to supply a jet of running water to the working surface of the stone, which is important, for example, when working with coarse-grained abrasive bars that do not hold liquid well in the inter-abrasive space or, if necessary (already, as a rule, for finer abrasives), constantly rinse the suspension formed on the working surface and the mining of stone and metal.

NANIWA IZ-1111 has a rigid, all-metal design with a sufficiently large weight (1 kg.), Which allows you to securely fix it in the required container. In addition, the stand for whetstones NANIWA IZ-1111 is equipped with soft polymer pads in the area of ​​contact between the holder and the sink, which avoids scratches and provides more reliable contact between the stand and the sink, eliminating displacement, wobble or slipping. This stone holder will allow you to comfortably organize your workspace during sharpening and avoid dirt, which is usually characteristic of the sharpening process on water stones.

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