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Convenient rubber support from the company Suehiro (Japan) Free Whetstone Rack SKG-42 is a universal accessory for working with water stones, which allows you to increase the comfort of work when sharpening cutting tools. The stands are made in the form of two "shoes", without binding guides, on which you can put a stone, while increasing the height of the bar's working surface above the table and eliminating its slippage during sharpening. Overall dimensions of one part of the stand are 95x90x30mm. The mounting surface of the stand is located at a height of 25mm above the tabletop, which, given the thickness of the grinding stone, allows you to comfortably sharpen without the risk of touching the surface of the table with your hand. The mounting surface with the parts of the stand completely connected closely has dimensions of 140x95mm, which allows using almost any standard sizes for most stones, including “apexoid” ones, without any problems. A 4mm high bead prevents the stone from slipping off the surface of the stand. The bottom of the stand is equipped with a tactile reflex, which allows it to be stable and not slip even on a wet surface.
The size of one piece is 95x90x30mm
Collar height 4 mm
Model SKG-42
Stand weight 225 grams.
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