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Thuringian Waterwhetstones
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For more than 200 years, Thuringian Waterwhetstones have delighted barbers and razor sharpeners with their excellent quality and workmanship. Now these stones are available in the "apex" format, pasted on the form and marked in order to be able to join the beauty in this format.
The beginning of the history of these stones can be considered the end of the 18th century, when in 1790 the trademark J.G. appeared in the city of Sonneberg in Germany. Escher & Sohn. Actually, the hones marked by Escher made people talk about Thuringian shales all over the world as the best sharpening stones for shaving. By the way, the main consumer of Thuringian razor stones at the time of their production was the United States of America. Therefore, if the inscription on the old label is in English, and not in German, this is by no means a fake. All Thuringian hones, including Escher hones, were mined in the Sonneberg/Steinach area in the Thuringian mountains by small mining companies. In 1953, the last grinding shale enterprises in this region were nationalized, since it was territorially East Germany, i.e. at that time - the GDR. And the last quarry for the extraction of the so-called Thuringian slate in Türngiya was closed in 1966. Accordingly, the last samples of the Thuringian hons date back to this year.
Like most slates, Thuringian slate consists of the smallest particles of quartz, which, in fact, acts as an abrasive component. In addition to quartz, Thuringian slate contains clay and a small amount of mica. The color of slate is determined both by the quantitative ratio of quartz and clay, and by the presence of trace element impurities. Clay plays an important role in how finely a stone works, so the color of Thuringian schist can be used to approximate its sharpening characteristics. The abrasive power of these stones decreases according to the color scale: yellow-green / light green / blue-green / dark blue (Barbers' Delight / Barbers' Gem / Yellow Green, Light Green, Blue Green, Dark Blue). The rock of Thuringian shale is quite soft, but still it is much softer in stones with a high abrasive ability (yellow-green - the suspension is released very actively) than in stones with a lower one (dark blue - the speed of suspension release is medium). In this regard, specimens from dark blue breed (Dark Blue) are more suitable for sharpening knives. The edge on these slates is clearer (for a comfortable shave, the RK is “padded up” at the very finish - this is not necessary for knives), since a smaller amount of free abrasive does not bring down the edge at the finishing stages of finishing.
The rock of the presented sample of the Thuringian stone belongs to the variety of dark blue (Dark Blue) slates. The tested abrasive power is approximately 12,000 grit. You can work with both oil and water, but the recommended coolant is still water.
In conclusion, I would like to quote from the labels of Thuringian schists, which is often found in the marking of Escher stones - “The stones need no other recommendation to their quality than a single trial....”, i.e. - "The stones do not need any other recommendations for their quality, except for just one test ...". The amazing tactile response during sharpening, the sharpness of the blade after finishing, but at the same time the extraordinary softness of the cut of the sharpened blade - this is what made the Thuringian stone famous - it's hard to describe - you need to try it, at least once.

Name Thuringian Waterwhetstones
Country of origin Germany
Grit 12000 JIS
material slate
Type of delivery on the form
Dimensions 150x24x5.5 mm
Bar weight 55 gr.


Country of origin
Thuringian Waterwhetstones
12000 JIS
on aluminum plate
Dimensions (edit)
stone 150х24х5,5mm
Polishing Lubricant
water, oil
55 g.
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Шикарный доводочный камень. Пока опробован при доводке овощного ножа Sunnesko на клинке заявлен ламинатный Дамаск 67 слоев с сердечником из VG-10. Результат впечатлил. Рез мягкий, прямо шелковый, острота шикарнейшая. Работал на собственной суспензии камня с водой. Впереди ещё много тестов, много ножей с разными сталями в т.ч буду пробовать на порошковых легированных ванадием. По результатам дополню отзыв. Магазину и персоналу респект и уважение за качественное обслуживание и товар.
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