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UltiClip Slim 3.3
Overall dimensions
3,35” (85,1mm)х0,60” (15,2mm)
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Ulticlips is a modular quick-attach system that allows you to quickly attach, remove and re-attach any piece of equipment such as scabbards, holsters, pouches, magazine holders and more. Unlike spring clips, the Ulticlips clamp consists of a spring bent in the open state with a bent end plus a plate with an eccentric that presses on the spring in the closed state and presses the curved part of the spring against the rear wall of the mount, thereby fixing the structure on the sling, belt and edge of clothing.
Ulticlips are manufactured to tight tolerances, so once the clip is in use, more force is required to open and close it. After 40-50 openings and closings, this process becomes easier and softer. It is recommended to apply a little solid lubricant, such as a wax based lubricant, after the first use to ensure smooth operation of the Ulticlips right from the start. It is necessary to lubricate that part of the pressure plate that presses on the spring at the moment the clamp closes. This part does not come into contact with clothing, so this moment will not cause discomfort during further use.
The Ulticlips SLIM 2.2 and 3.3 models are identical in size except for the length. Both versions are 0.60” (15.2mm) wide, making them ideal for fixing in tight spaces. The Ulticlips SLIM 2.2 is 2.25” (57.1mm) long and the Ulticlips SLIM 3.3 is 3.35” (85.1mm). The width of the mounting slot in the Ulticlips SLIM 2.2 and 3.3 models is the same - 0.22” (5.6mm). The slot length for Ulticlips SLIM 2.2 is 0.75” (19mm), for Ulticlips SLIM 3.3 there are two slots 0.75” (19mm) and 0.9” (22.9mm) long. In addition, both Ulticlips SLIM 2.2 and Ulticlips SLIM 3.3 models have stiffening ribs on the mounting plate, which guarantee the strength of the structure during active use. Mounting screws are not included in the scope of delivery.

Country of origin - China
Width of Ulticlips SLIM 3.3 - 0.60” (15.2mm)
Length of Ulticlips SLIM 3.3 – 3.35” (85.1mm)
The slot length of Ulticlips SLIM 3.3 is two slots of 0.75” (19mm) and 0.9” (22.9mm)
Width of mounting slots in Ulticlips SLIM 3.3 - 0.22” (5.6mm)
Weight Ulticlips SLIM 3.3 - 16 grams


UltiClip Slim 3.3
Overall dimensions
3,35” (85,1mm)х0,60” (15,2mm)
0,9” (22,9mm)х0,22” (5,6mm)
16 g.
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