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Bar of technical jasper for manual sharpening 151x28x18mm. Finished, ready to work. The tactile response when working with jaspers is very characteristic. It can vary greatly depending on the composition and hardness of the steel being processed, but it is always recognizable - it is the velvet stroke of the blade on stone, with a slight rustle, and sometimes even hissingly noisy. Technical jasper is one of the few natural stones that works well with hard steels. It easily cuts both powder and high-alloy (quick cut) steels with hardness up to 63 HRC. At the same time, it is characteristic that, despite its high hardness, technical jasper perfectly exposes the carbide structures of hypereutectoid steels (steels with a high carbon content, over 0.8%). The abrasive ability of technical jaspers is low. When working with many grades of steel, technical jasper may not leave signs of metal removal, such as blackening of the coolant or clogging of the stone. But this does not mean at all that jasper does not work. Technical jasper is used at the very final stages of finishing, it cannot sharpen a knife, but it can greatly add sharpness to a knife, as well as increase resistance to blunting. Technical jasper is mined mainly in the Orsk region. Technical jasper is opaque, painted in a greenish-gray almost uniform color. The surface of the stone is matte, silky to the touch, the rock is very dense (the density of jasper is 2.7, and the hardness is up to 7 on the Mohs scale), when tapped it makes a glass ringing. The composition of technical jaspers is determined mainly by the quartz component (from 80 to 90%) and chlorite (up to 15-10%), as well as various other impurities, consisting mainly of metal oxides. What is important for the abrasive properties of jaspers is that they are characterized by the presence of a garnet mineral in the structure, which in turn affects the color scheme of the color and gives them (along with other oxides, such as iron) a greenish tint. The presence of garnet impurities is the main diagnostic feature of jasper itself. It has a chip on one side, which does not affect sharpening. Name Technical jasper Country of origin Russia Grit size 12000 grit (JIS) Material Quartz with impurities Purpose For manual sharpening Color Gray-green Recommended coolant oil

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