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Water Japanese stone Suehiro 1000 grit (SKG-22) 152x20x5mm on blank. Stone Suehiro 1000 grit (SKG-22) is a quality original product from the manufacturer Suehiro (Japan) at an economical price. The SKG series abrasives are available in 220, 1000 and 3000 grit for starting (roughing) operations, sharpening and finishing, respectively. The SKG series strikes the right balance between cost and work surface size and is suitable for sharpening most knives, especially standard kitchen knives.

Stones are intended primarily for domestic use such as sharpening kitchen knives and other household cutting tools. Like most traditional water stones (Waterstones), these abrasives are recommended to be soaked in water before use (sharpening, leveling the work surface). Stones in 1000 grit are the most used, one might say, the main whetstones for grinding operations, which in any combination of grain sizes are necessarily present in almost any grinding sets. Suehiro 1000 grit stone is designed for basic sharpening operations (average grain size is about 10 microns). Before use, it is recommended to soak in clean cold water, and during sharpening, periodically moisten the work surface as the suspension dries. The absorption of water into the body of the stone is moderate. The abrasive grain of all Suehiro SKG series stones is aluminum oxide. The bond is complex, based on magnesia, so these stones are sensitive to prolonged exposure to water. They should not be left in water for a long time and must be stored in a cool, dry place. Suehiro SKG series stones are without a doubt the best and statistically the most used abrasives for home use, which can sharpen knives of any hardness, as well as sharpen any cutting tool.


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