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Japanese blade for making a knife Migaki Yanagiba Tosa 270 mm. The blades of Tosa masters have long been famous for their very high quality and reliability and need no introduction. The region where these knives are produced is located on one of the southern islands of Japan (Shikoku Island) and is widely known for festivals of knifemakers and manufacturers of a wide variety of cutting tools. The interest of professionals in various industries using knives, collectors, as well as just lovers of this subject is caused by both the high skill of manufacturers and excellent product quality, and the fact that due to the high competition of blacksmiths in this region, it is possible to purchase exclusive samples of knives made from the best grades of steel ( such as, for example, Super Aogami) for a relatively low price. Moreover, Tosa sells both ready-to-use products and blades separately (knife manufacturers in Japan, as a rule, are extremely reluctant to do this), and the handle can be made at your discretion, it can be very convenient. The presented blades are made by the Tadayoshi forging company under the guidance of master craftsman Tadayoshi Saku. The presented blades belong to the most famous variety of Yanagiba and are intended for the manufacture of varieties of the Japanese kitchen knife for cutting sashimi - Sashimi bocho. These knives are designed for cutting fresh raw fish into very thin slices. The knife has a long, thin and narrow blade, one-sided sharpening with a small angle of descent, since for such cutting the knife must have exceptional sharpness. In order for the cut piece of fish to look perfect, it is necessary to cut in one go. Therefore, Yanagiba blades for Sashimi bocho knives are long - 210, 240 and 270 mm. This is not to say that the Yanagiba is a vital tool in European cuisine, but its exceptionally aggressive look and extreme sharpness fascinates, and without this knife, the set of Japanese cooks looks inferior. Yanagiba Tosa kitchen knives are made from a steel called white paper or Shiro Kami, which is the traditional steel used for this type of knife, as it can provide the greatest sharpness, which is the defining parameter of this knife. Such sharpness characteristics cannot be given by more expensive types of steels such as Aogami (Ao Kami or blue paper). Various varieties of Aogami steel are much better at holding sharpening and resisting blunting, but lose out to Shirogami in the sharpness that can be achieved on the blade. The surface of the blade is ground (Migaki), does not have a protective coating like Kurouchi. The blade is two-layer, traditional for one-sided type of sharpening. On the concave side - a harder layer, on the convex - softer. Yanagiba Tosa blades have one-sided sharpening, which is not quite usual for a European user, but does not beg for all the other positive qualities of the knife, and besides, you can get used to it quite quickly. The length of the Yanagiba blade at 210, 240 or 270 mm is large enough to use the Sashimi bocho as a universal kitchen tool, but often this length of the knife is more convenient and quite justified and chefs like these knives so much that they make it the main one in their kitchen. The blade height is 33mm, and the width in the butt is 3.5-4mm. The knife has a one-sided sharpening option, made for work with the right hand - i.e. under the right Knife weight - 100 (210mm), 130 (240mm) and 150 (270m) grams. The blades are handmade, so there may be slight deviations from the specified dimensions and weight. The knife is sharpened and ready to go.


Country of origin
Tosa Tadayoshi forging company
61 HRC
Mount type
For flush-mounted installation
Surface treatment
Blade height
Blade length
Blade thickness
Shiro Kami
150 g.
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