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For sharpening small cutting tools (jewelry, manicure, medical, etc.), as well as when sharpening tools with small cutting edge lengths (chisels, planer irons, etc.), stones of standard sizes are too large in size, which leads not only to inconvenience during storage and maintenance of grinding bars, but also entails extra costs for the purchase of abrasives. For such cases, so that you can use the highest quality grindstones made in Japan and at the same time not overpay - our company offers stones of the Arashiyama series shortened by 3.5 times. The width and thickness of such a bar remains the same as in the original stone 72 * 25mm, and the length is 55-57 mm.

The shortened bar Arashiyama 6000 grit finished and completely ready for work. Stone Arashiyama 6000 grit - water, recommended coolant - clean water at room temperature. Before any use, be it sharpening or leveling, it is recommended to soak the stone for 5 minutes in water. Arashiyama 6000 grit bar has an open, non-impregnated structure, absorbs water quite actively and retains it very well. Dries for a long time. The stone contains in a bunch of active components that adsorb sludge, so it is practically not salted. Mining from the surface of the stone is easily removed simply under running water without additional effort. Alignment of the Arashiyama 6000 grit stone, if necessary, is carried out on glass, on silicon carbide powder.

Arashiyama 6000 grit stone is made on the basis of a natural abrasive - silicon dioxide and alumina on a synthetic complex binder with magnesia, ceramic and organic components. Bond of medium hardness. The Arashiyama 6000 grit stone releases suspension quite actively when sharpening. Working with slurry gives a higher surface finish than working without it. The metal removal rate is medium. The stone is recommended to be used as a pre-finish or finishing stone for a wide range of cutting tools made of carbon, high-alloy or stainless steels.

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