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Olive ash wood is strong, hard, resilient, with a beautiful pattern. Unlike common ash, olive ash has a darker brown color and a very beautiful ornate irregular shape of fibers, very similar in structure and color to olive wood, therefore olive ash is highly valued, mainly because of its exceptional aesthetic qualities. Heartwood with wide white, slightly yellowish sapwood and light brown heartwood. The transition of the kernel into sapwood is gradual. Olive ash wood, with an average density of about 720 kg/m³, is a heavy and hard wood with good strength characteristics. Its tensile and bending strength exceeds the strength of oak wood. It is elastic, wear-resistant and more viscous than many domestic wood species. Olive ash wood is very strong, both in compression along the grain and in static bending and tension along the grain. Resistant to influences of environmental factors. Easily processed with cutting tools and perfectly polished.
In terms of texture beauty, olive ash is in the forefront of valuable domestic tree species. The color of the wood, unlike the usual white ash, is olive-striped, about the same color as that of olive or zebrano. Ash, like olive, belongs to the olive family, so the visual resemblance and color effects of the central part of the trunk are obtained as a result of the vital activity of special microorganisms characteristic of these species.
Olive Ash wood has such a luxurious texture that it is most commonly used for veneer. Especially this breed looks great in contrast with ebony, wenge or walnut. Olive ash is widely used in the manufacture of skis, oars and furniture. Recommended for everyday use, ideal for knife handles and hand tools.

Breed nameOlive ash
Growing region Europe
Its density in a dry state is about 720 kg / sq.m.
Polishing/grinding excellent
Susceptibility to dyes good
Adhesion is good
Size 135x44x32 mm


Breed name
Botan. / Latin. title
Growing region
Its dry density
Susceptibility to dyes
The size
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