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Rock for making a sharpening stone called Yellow Lake (or Yellow Lake) was mined in north Wales in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe reservoir of the same name, along with other well-known sharpening slates, such as, for example, Llyn Melynllyn or Llyn Idwal. Yellow Lake sharpening stones are the finest of UK slates and are recommended for sharpening straight razors, but are also excellent for finishing processes on any cutting tool. The stone is quite soft compared to other Welsh shales, and even when working with water, it is positioned with a grit equivalent to 15,000 grit. The stone is gray in color and can be used with both water and oil. But the main recommendation is water, because in this case Yellow Lake produces an extremely rich suspension. The use of Yellow Lake Slurik (more precisely, the suspension induced by it) significantly improves the result obtained during sharpening. The suspension of this rock contains a large amount of fine alumina, which reduces the size of the microsaw tooth on the cutting edge during sharpening. This makes the cut of the sharpened tool less aggressive, which is why Yellow Lake sharpening stones are considered one of the best options for sharpening straight razors. The finishing on the Yellow Lake bar makes the shave extremely comfortable.

Yellow Lake Welsh slate block finished and ready for use, leveling, if necessary, on glass, on silicon carbide powder.


Country of origin
Great Britain, Wales
15000 JIS
Dimensions (edit)
Polishing Lubricant
water, oil
400 g.
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