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ELIXIR Kenda Farben is a superfinishing emulsion that is used to provide a water-repellent effect on leather and the surfaces of other natural and synthetic materials. ELIXIR Kenda Farben is water-based with oils and waxes. The product treated with ELIXIR looks much better. ELIXIR Kenda Farben intensifies the color of the material, removes the effect of "discoloration" on the surface of the skin and creates a protective layer on the surface that resists moisture and pollution. ELIXIR is very effective on more delicate materials such as soft, thin leathers and is also suitable for use on textiles. ELIXIR can also be used as a protective finish against water and oil stains.
ELIXIR Kenda Farben can be applied by spraying (recommended nozzle 0.5-0.7mm at a pressure of 3-3.5 atm.). Apply evenly at a distance of 10-15 cm from the surface of the product. Drying time - 5-10 minutes. On leather, elastic and woven fabrics, ELIXIR Kenda Farben can be applied with a synthetic sponge. Drying time ELIXIR Kenda Farben - 5-10 minutes, however, it is recommended to use the product 24 hours after treatment. On highly absorbent materials, repeated application of ELIXIR Kenda Farben can be practiced.

Country of origin - Italy
Color - colorless
Volume - 100ml
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