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The central wide clamp for the Hapstone R2 swivel mechanism is designed for fastening small blades in a sharpening machine. The design of the clamp allows rigid and symmetrical clamping of knives with complex blade geometry. The minimum recommended knife width is 20 mm, the thickness in the butt is up to 6 mm. The recommended blade length for sharpening in a single central wide clamp is from 50 to 200 mm. The central wide clamp has a design with spring-spring inserts made of 65G steel, two clamping screws and an additional spacer screw. This design allows you to fix in them a knife with a complex blade geometry and virtually any blade system - concave / convex descents from the butt, narrowing from the heel to the tip, etc. Wide center clamp (also called single clamp or Y-shaped center clamp) can be combined with straight side clamps as well as angled universal clamps.

Without fixing screw, the straight side clamp has overall dimensions of 110x82x24mm. Mounting on the bar of the rotary mechanism is carried out with two M5 screws with a tactile notch for easy fixation. The height of the structural groove for fastening to the frame of the swivel mechanism is 13mm, the depth is 2mm. The distance between the jaws of the clamp in the untwisted state is 5mm. The maximum thickness of the butt of the clamped blade is 6mm. The key for fixing and adjusting the angle of inclination is a 4mm hexagon.

Includes 1 clip.


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