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Elbor bar on an organic bond, 150x25x5mm

Poltava Elbor, or cubic boron nitride (CBN) is a material with a very high hardness, close to diamond.

Elbor has an ultra-high thermal and chemical resistance, which diamond cannot boast of. High temperatures occur during grinding for a short moment, but this is enough for a chemical reaction. This gives elbor a colossal advantage, namely, wear resistance and preservation of the cutting ability of grains for a long time. Elbor allows you to finish the cutting edge of knives made of complex steels and alloys.

This bar is one-sided, with an elbor layer 2 mm thick. The bar is glued to an aluminum blank with a 45° bevel instead of a metal backing.

They are made on an organic phenol-formaldehyde binder BN-130 with 100% concentration and powder grade CBN (cubic boron nitride (cubic boron nitride) - elbor).

The Roks company offers you to buy an elbor bar on an organic binder in Kyiv at a low price. Size 150x25x5 mm. Pickup or delivery throughout Ukraine.

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