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Weapon laminate
The proposed blanks made of painted Baltic birch composite (gun laminate) have dimensions of 120x40x30mm - they are an ideal material for making handles of various cutting tools, as well as various souvenirs, decor and decoration elements.
Weapon laminate produced by CWP (Coloured Wood Products), manufactured in Finland (the company is located in the city of Imatra, in South Karelia on the Finnish-Russian border), is widely known around the world and is a recognized leader among materials for butts and stocks for rifled, smoothbore and pneumatic weapons. The secret of success lies both in the raw materials - special varieties of durable Baltic birch - and in the manufacturing technology of the composite. CWP specializes in a unique method of through-staining wood using environmentally friendly technologies. The assembly technology allows the layers to be impregnated with the compound until it dries, so the laminate blanks are several times stronger than any wood. Veneer layers are unidirectional, which also increases the strength characteristics of the material. The width of one layer is approximately 1.3-1.5 mm. Painted veneers, which make up the structure of laminated workpieces, have a through color, which allows you to renew the surface of the products by grinding without losing color.

Colored composite (gun laminate) is a product based on the technology of deep painting and gluing of wood, which allows you to create any color combinations and has the following consumer qualities:
- unique strength characteristics.
- resistant to the negative effects of solar ultraviolet;
- possesses high resistance to mechanical damages;
- easy to process manually and mechanically;
- can be operated in a very wide temperature range;
- practically do not absorb moisture;
- does not have a leash associated with changes in humidity and temperature;
- resistant to the negative effects of chemicals;
- Composite products have aesthetic appeal.

It is recommended to impregnate products made of weapon laminate with wood oil to create a polymerized film in the surface layer of the material. This will improve the aesthetic and performance qualities and extend the life of the product.
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