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Twelve-inch smooth musat (12" Fine Grit Rod with Black Wood Handle) from Idahone (USA) is perhaps one of the best and best-selling ceramic musat. The entire technological cycle of production of this product is concentrated in the USA.
The highest quality of ceramics, the rod is perfectly even without the slightest difference in thickness and curvature. The quality and cleanliness of the surface of alumino-ceramic can be compared with Ultra Fine ceramics from the American company Spiderco. An exceptionally homogeneous composition, with a high content of single-crystal structures and a minimum amount of impurities, allows you to carefully process the cutting edge of the knife, removing a minimum amount of metal, but at the same time constantly maintaining the blade in a state of the highest degree of sharpness.
The geometrical parameters of the Idahone 12" Fine Grit knife are adjusted so that it is ideal for dressing any knife in a modern kitchen. The length of the working part of the ceramic rod is 30 cm, and its diameter is 12.7 mm. The total length of the knife is 17.5" (or 45 cm).
The handle of the Idahone 12" Fine Grit musat is made of extra hard maple wood and is equipped with a mounting ring. Idahone ceramic musats are recognized as the best in terms of price / quality and have received the well-deserved love of practitioners and the interest of professionals.


Country of origin
Ultra Fine (1200) grit
Alumina ceramics
Rod length
Rod diameter
Overall dimensions
Handle material
Musat ceramic
150 g.
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