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cellulose base (65%), phenolic resins (35%)
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Richlite is an incredibly durable laminate, a versatile and environmentally friendly material, made from a special cellulose base (65%) impregnated with phenolic resins (35%). The color of Richlite laminate is more saturated with amber tones due to the hue of the resins included in its composition. Richlite material in machining is similar to dense hardwood, it can be easily sanded and milled, drilled and threaded, it sticks together well, and if necessary it is excellently laser engraved. Richlite has excellent impact strength and resistance to bending loads. Despite the cellulose base - Richlite is absolutely waterproof material, since the impregnation technology with deep penetration of binder resins at the molecular level is used in the manufacture. The same factor provides antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties to the surfaces of products made from Richlite material. At the same time, Richlite has high heat and fire resistance, as well as inertness to most aggressive chemicals and other adverse environmental factors, such as solar ultraviolet. Dense and durable, Richlite material has excellent aesthetic qualities, which gives products from it a unique charm, emulating the natural look of natural materials, such as exotic woods. Richlite is an excellent material for making knife handles, pistol grips, mobile phone cases, guitar parts and more. This is not only an environmentally friendly material, but also a material that is much more convenient for the manufacturing process and the subsequent operation of various tools than G10, micarta, acrylic or carbon fiber.
Richlite is available in both mono and multi-colour. Chocolat/brown/maple (CHOC/BRN/MAPLE) tricolor variant introduced. These combinations of colors give excellent imitations of bright, contrasting colors, similar to rings on wood.

Country of Origin: USA
Manufacturer: Richlite, Tacoma, Washington
Ingredients: cellulose base (65%), phenolic resins (35%)
Size: 300x80x7.3mm (0.28”x3”x11.9”)
Colour: chocolate/brown/maple (CHOC/BRN/MAPLE)
Weight: 220gr.

Микарта USA RichLite G10

Country of origin
cellulose base (65%), phenolic resins (35%)
three color
chocolate, brown, maple
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