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For sharpening small cutting tools (jewelry, manicure, medical, etc.), as well as when sharpening tools with small cutting edge lengths (chisels, planer irons, etc.), stones of standard sizes are too large in size, which leads not only to inconvenience during storage and maintenance of grinding bars, but also entails extra costs for the purchase of abrasives. For such cases, so that you can use the highest quality sharpening stones made in Japan and at the same time not overpay - our company offers DEBADO and Gokumyo stones shortened by 3.5 times from the well-known manufacturer of sharpening stones - Suehiro Co., Ltd . The width and thickness of such a bar remains the same as in the original stone, 73 * 23mm, and the length is 55-57 mm.

The DEBADO-Gokumyo sharpening stone line is divided into two series - DEBADO, covering grits from 180 to 6000 grit and Gokumyo - stones with a grit of 10000 (1 µm), 15000 (0.75 µm) and 20000 (0.5 µm) grit. This need arose due to serious differences in the requirements for the parameters of grinding stones at the stages of peeling / sharpening and the stage of finishing operations. The DEBADO series has a very hard bond, but still softer than Gokumyo's, because in the roughing and sharpening phase, the performance of the process is more important than the quality of the resulting surface. In the Gokumyo series, all stone parameters have been fully optimized to obtain the best results in ultra-fine finishing. The abrasive ability of the stone is reduced to a minimum (although the stone will remove the metal, as evidenced by the active blackening of the working off of the bar), the hardness of the bond has been brought almost to the level of alumino-ceramics. The composition of the bars of the Gokumyo series introduced many components that improve the cleanliness of the treated metal surface, including natural alumina and polishing elements. The response of the Gokumyo honing stones during operation is more like contact with hard plastic than with stone. However, the result obtained makes this series of stones the absolute leader in the field of ultra-fine finishing of cutting tools, especially when working with straight razors.

As you know, for comfortable sharpening, the length of the grinding bar should not be less than the length of the cutting edge of the tool being sharpened. Those. on these stones, you can freely sharpen not only specialized cutting tools, but knives with short blades. These stones can be used as a hiking option, they are easy to transport, lightweight and do not take up much space. As a rule, when improving skills over time, for high-quality sharpening, a person needs a stone of ever smaller sizes. DEBADO and Gokumyo stones in a reduced version may be of interest to masters who have reached a certain level of perfection.


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Suehiro Co., Ltd
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180, 320, 600, 1000, 1500, 3000, 6000grit
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aluminium oxide
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