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Using the Hapstone R1 (Extendable Table Module for Hapstone R1) magnetic base with three-point sharpener, you can convert this sharpener to an apexoid format by replacing the swivel head with a magnetic platform. This significantly expands the possible range of serviced knives with non-standard blade profiles (for example, with Scandinavian slopes). The resulting apexoid version of the sharpener is more functional than most similar modifications, which fits perfectly into the concept of the Hapstone R1 sharpener, as the top one in the model range of this manufacturer. The advantages of the apexoid nozzle for R1 are the ability to adjust the plane of the blade support with the help of sliding side sectors, which are also equipped with magnets. The total holding force of the magnets is also greater than that of standard apex sharpeners. The longest bearing surface that can be realized with this design is 195 mm, which is a significant advantage when sharpening knives with large blades. By removing the side segments, you can leave the central part of the magnetic platform with a width of 40mm, on which it is convenient to sharpen small and curved blades. A magnetic base with a three-point stop, at a relatively low cost, significantly expands the functionality of the Hapstone R1 sharpener, increases work comfort and allows you to solve the most non-trivial tasks of sharpening cutting tools.


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