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Takefu Special Steel Co
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VG-10 SanMai billet size 410x40x3mm has a multilayer (33 layers) structure with a central core made of Japanese VG-10 stainless steel. San Mai is a common term meaning a multilayer package of different types of steel layers. The central layer is made of high-carbon steel (in this blank its thickness is 0.85 mm), which gives the knife a good cut and high wear-resistant properties of the cutting edge. The facing layers serve as protection for the central layer from mechanical damage and increase the flexibility of the blade.
The workpiece is "raw", without heat treatment. The usual hardness of this steel grade after a standard TO process is 60-61 units on the Rockwell scale. VG-10 steel was developed in Japan specifically for knives, and VG-10 is considered one of the best knife steels in the world today. Fully adapted to the knife theme, this steel, with its extreme hardness, like for stainless steel, is very easy to sharpen, but at the same time it retains the performance of an excellent cut for quite a long time even under extreme loads. The chemical composition of VG-10 at first glance is not very exotic: C (1.05), Si (0.45), Mn (0.5), Cr (15), Mo (1.2), V (0.35), Co (1.8). But a rare element, cobalt (Co), is added to the composition of this steel, which immediately makes it both hard and ductile, but at the same time increases the cost. Of course, VG-10 has a high content of molybdenum and vanadium, and there is also such a fairly rare ligature as silicon.
VG-10 SanMai laminate blank can be used to produce knives of various types, which can be sharpened to various angles, up to extremely sharp ones. However, the characteristics of this laminate (cutting, strength, anti-corrosion) are most pronounced on premium class kitchen knives. The center layer is extremely strong, can be sharpened very sharply and is able to maintain a sharp cutting edge for a long period of time. The blades are made of softer grades of stainless steel, they keep the thin middle layer from breaking, and provide the blade with flexibility. The blade, forged from 33-layer steel, will have a very stylish look especially at low angles of descent and at the same time will be very functional.

Country of origin Japan
Brand VG-10 SanMai
Workpiece length 410mm
Workpiece height 30mm
Workpiece thickness 3mm
Number of layers - 33mm
Thickness of the central layer - 0.85mm
Weight 390 grams

Steel strips

Country of origin
Takefu Special Steel Co
Heat treatment
steel grade
VG10 SanMai
Length, mm
Width, mm
Thickness, mm
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