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Martinez & Gascon MG S100

Martinez & Gascon is a renowned Spanish company founded at the end of World War II, specializing in the manufacture of kitchen knives and deboning knives. Following old traditions, Martinez & Gascon improves steel quality, cutting performance and ergonomic design every year. Martinez & Gascon, a fully family-owned production, guarantees the preservation of the best traditions, the transfer of quality from generation to generation, increased attention to each product produced.

Blade MG SS100 or as listed on the manufacturer's website - MG French Forged, i.е. forged knife in the French style. A knife made from this workpiece is positioned as a universal kitchen knife, designed for various small cooking jobs. It is very comfortable to work with, both in size and shape, and is definitely made to be a "favorite" in any kitchen. The length of its blade to the pritin is 95 mm, the width is 21 mm in the widest part, the thickness of the butt is 2 mm. The length of the handle with pritin is 105 mm, the length of the overlay part is 80 mm, the total length of the blade is 197 mm. The blade is interesting in that it is indeed forged in a single theological cycle, along with pritins. Those. the shoulder between the handle and the blade is a single whole together with the entire workpiece.

Post-forging processing of the knife blank is carried out manually on high-precision German machines. Sharpening on the knife is technological, it is intended only to indicate the optimal angle recommended by the manufacturer for sharpening the knife during further operation. Those. after completing the knife manufacturing process, it should be sharpened. However, the workpiece is initially quite sharp and all precautions should be observed when working with it.

The composition of the blade steel, like many famous manufacturers, is not advertised, but the percentage of the main components is still available: C=0.6%, Cr=14%, Mo=0.5%, V=0.15%.

The next element included in the set is the overlays made of stabilized maple burl wood. A very beautiful drawing. Stabilization allows you to leave a complete feeling of touching the wood with tactile contact, but since the overlay is completely impregnated with polymer, it is absolutely inert to any kind of aggressive environmental influences - moisture, ultraviolet, organic solvents, etc. In addition, stabilization gives the wood greater hardness, strength and resistance to temperature extremes.

Corby ties have a neck diameter of 4mm and a head diameter of 6mm.

Recommendations for the use of epoxy adhesive are the most general. Convenient packaging in double syringes allows you to automatically ration the amount of resin and hardener. Epoxy adhesive stops sticking already, as a rule, an hour after application. In a day, it gains up to 75% of its nominal strength. However, it is recommended to carry out mechanical processing of products made using epoxy resins no earlier than a week later.
Country of origin Spain
Manufacturer Martinez & Gascon
Make MG French Forged SS100/ SS150/ SS200
Blade dimensions MG SS100 95x21x2 mm, total length 197mm
Blade dimensions MG SS150 150x33x2.5mm, total length 255mm
Blade dimensions MG SS200 200x40x2.5mm, total length 320mm
Steel grade stainless molybdenum-vanadium steel
Design Features
Mounting invoice
Weight SS100 53g


Country of origin
Martinez & Gascon
59 HRC
Mount type
For surface mounting
Blade height
Blade length
Blade thickness
53 g.
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