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Whetstone Soft Dan's Arkansas - Soft 8"x3"

By itself, the Soft Arkansas Stone sharpening stone does not need a presentation, it is very famous, and everyone who is somewhat familiar with sharpening cutting tools knows its characteristics and applications. In terms of abrasive ability, Arkansas stone is positioned as a natural stone that covers the initial and middle stages of sharpening after, respectively, the starting and finishing peeling of the workpiece. This stone is unique in that it is in this sector that the supply of abrasive stones of this format, working with oil, is minimal. For example, after sequentially sharpening the cutting tool with a set of oil stones from Norton - India or Crystolon (extremely popular in carpentry, especially in the size of the working surface 8 "x3") before moving on to finishing operations, the Soft Arkansas Stone fits perfectly in size 8”x3”. It will ideally prepare the supply of the cutting tool for the transition to any thin lapping stone. Soft Arkansas Stone can be used with both water and oil, which expands the range of its abrasive processing. A stone width of three inches is quite comfortable for working with any type of sharpening devices, such as "wheelchairs", and a length of ten inches will be a nice bonus that will extend the life of the stone.
Country of Origin USA
Type Soft stone, Arkansas Soft
Structure Very dense
Approximate grit 600-800 grit
Material Novaculite
Size 200x75x12mm
Color gray
Stone weight 620g
Weight with box 850g

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