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Turkey oil stone is one of the varieties of novoculite rock, mined in Turkey, in quarries near the city of Konya. The active use of Turkey oil stone as an abrasive for sharpening cutting tools began much earlier than the widespread use of Arkansas stone. Turkey oil stone is dark gray, sometimes almost black, usually has inclusions from microquartzite veins. The bar is designed for manual sharpening and has very impressive dimensions - 176x50x36mm - a unique option for such a rare stone.

Turkey oil stone is recommended for use in finishing knives and carpentry tools, as well as for pre-finishing razors. The grain size of the stone in terms of surface finish of the metal equivalent to synthetic stones is 8000 grit, taking into account the difference in working with coolants of different densities (for example, water, oil) and pressure on the stone during sharpening.

The composition of the rock that makes up Turkey oil stone differs from most shale and sandstones. Its main components are silicon dioxide - about 72% and lime - up to 13%.

The tactile response of the Turkey oil stone is very bright and unlike other sharpeners. The abrasive ability of the stone is very high, as for such a grit, higher than, for example, that of Arkansas stone, although the realized surface finish during processing is better. The nature of the resulting risk when working with Turkey oil stone is more similar to the work of Japanese stones. The resulting scratches are frequent, wide and shallow, if necessary, they are easily and quickly removed with a subsequent abrasive. Accordingly, the microsaw on the cutting edge after processing with a bar with Turkey oil stone is not very aggressive.

Turkey oil stone is a magnificent stone with many positive qualities. It is very hard, perfectly holds the geometry of the working surface, but at the same time it has an exceptionally high abrasive ability, one of the highest among the stones of "classmates". Turkey oil stone very delicately removes metal from the workpiece, leaving wide and shallow frequent marks. And Turkey oil stone is comfortable and pleasant to use, the tactile response of the stone leaves an unforgettable experience and, of course, this stone can be safely called one of the brightest natural abrasives.

NameTurkey oil stone
Country of originTurkey
Grit 8000 JIS
Coolant Oil, water
Delivery type on letterhead
Stone dimensions 176x50x36mm

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