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1A abrasives GmbH
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Self-adhesive abrasive sheets consist of a tough 125 micron (1/8 mm) polyester film backing coated with a water resistant alumina coating. The grain bond is very elastic and the abrasive layer holds its shape well even in very sharp bends. . In this case, a layer of abrasive grain is applied to a thin and rather soft layer of polymeric material (even softer than the binder of traditional organic-bonded bars - bakelite, vulcanite or glyptal). This makes it possible to dampen the impact of the largest grains in the sifter, they go deeper into the base material than small grains. As a result, when sharpening with the help of films, absolutely uniform identical scratches remain on the supply, without parasitic scratches. This effect is extremely difficult to achieve with stones. Also, when working, an excellent result is obtained by adding an adhesive-type paste to the oil coolant, for example, DIALUX. Blue combines well with the most finely abrasive films of 1 µm and 3 µm. White is suitable for 9um. On coarser films of 15 µm and 20 µm, gray DIALUX paste can be used. hardness up to 60 HRC. Sheets are easily cut with scissors to the desired format and then can be glued to any profiled surface made of polymeric materials, glass, stone, wood, etc.
It is possible to use these films both dry and with coolant on oil or water bases. However, in order to extend the life of the film and obtain a higher surface finish, it is recommended to use various lubricating fluids.
These films can also be used for processing plastics, rubber, wood, etc.

To use polishing films on grinders, they are applied to glass blanks or glass blanks that are glued to aluminum blanks - for better fixation in the abrasive holder. Use for sharpening on hands involves gluing films on large surfaces, for example, on Artificial stone platforms with glass.

Sheet size 230 x 280 mm, on self-adhesive based.


Country of origin
1A abrasives GmbH
400 grit (40mkm)
Dimensions (edit)
Base material
polymer film
Water-oil resistance
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